Monday, 10 August 2009

Four days til the new season starts

Less than a week to go til the new season begins and already I'm cursing the FF gods the season doesn't start with the Community Shield. The Community Shield is the best pre-season game to judge your players on, if any of them are involved, and I had a chance to see how some my players are shaping up.

Although I didn't see the game I am very happy with the way things went apart from the losing aspect. Rooney will be my captain for the season and I feel very good about the selection and his goal yesterday showed what he could do. I'm expecting 20+ goals from him this year.

My team is quite similar to last seasons with most changes being made in the 'happy to get more than 2 points player' category. Trying to find the best player at the bottom price range is pot luck and going by last seasons points total I find myself with too many Hull players for my liking. I think Hull will really struggle this year and so I will try to change them if possible but it probably won't have any real impact.

I have once again gone for the best 11 rather than best squad meaning I have three subs from the minimum price rage. Having good subs that can replace players who suddenly get injured or suspended is great but if they're not playing then its just a waste of money that can be better spent on upgrading your current roster of players. Weekly transfers are there for you if you do pick up a suspension or injury and with the 'transfer allowance carry over' rule change I am sticking by my choice.

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